Letting go of a dream is hard. Admitting it was a dream is harder.

New work

From spring photos

discovering chief trunk

seriously covetable. graphic stripes. old school style meets a modern need (weekly nerd-birding SJC-BUR…) loving the regeneration of classic american brands, and the building of new in the classic model —  like shinola detroit — to resurrect tried-and-true elegant options for everyday living.

Yearning for summer

Waking up to bright blue sky and the sound of sprinklers, smell of freshly cut lawns. Warm afternoons downtown and cruising thru Boyle Heights. Ducking in for peach sangria at the Must (insane) … Realizing the ties to home and the family lines way back, the ones I never…

Downtown sketches


New Mexico, new everything

Glimpses of something else important, and I finally get it. The first chapter is written; did my best, worked flat out. Will remember this as the trip I decided to change my life, pretty profoundly, forever. Thank you M, M, J, and J.